Sunday, 11 October 2009

Making a Mr Tumble cake…

Little S will be celebrating his 4th birthday on Thursday. I can’t believe that this time 4 years ago I was hugely pregnant and totally unprepared for what lay ahead. I had time to myself and time to waste. I’m a lot happier now, even if I am constantly tired/cleaning up poo and sick/cleaning/washing, etc, etc!

Since roughly May this year, S has been asking for a Mr Tumble cake for his birthday after seeing it on cbeebies one day. He’d tell me I need eggs and butter and sugar to make it. So I promised him a Mr Tumble cake. After hearing about it over and over it was hard not to ;)

Today we were going to have a present opening/cake party with my family as everyone would be working Thursday and it would be difficult to get everyone over. Next Sunday is a party for friends at the local community centre which S has been looking forward to for ages.

‘Perfect’, I thought. A great opportunity to try out the Mr Tumble cake before the main party. So I made it this morning. S helped me and we put it in the oven at 180 degrees. All ok. No problems. I even proudly tweeted that I was making a Mr Tumble cake for my son.

Roughly an hour later I thought I could smell burning. For some reason I kind of ignored it. It had nothing to do with playing Farmville and tweeting...honestly ;)

I asked W if he could smell burning a few minutes later and unfortunately he agreed that he could too. He opened the oven and confirmed my thoughts – the cake was burnt! We also realised that the temperature was on maximum…

We were pretty sure who the culprit was and S confirmed it by singing, ‘I burnt the Mr Tumble cake, I burnt the Mr Tumble cake!’ He had indeed ‘helped Mummy’ by turning up the temperature. Thanks S. I was really angry but kept my cool and didn’t shout at him. Instead I texted my Mum to tell her the afternoon was cancelled and had a shower.

When I got out Mum had rung saying I could make it round hers while W looked after S and my parents looked after B. So I bought more ingredients (unfortunately couldn’t find more Pure spread so had to use marg, although Dr has said it’s not too bad if cooked) and made it again (grumpily!). It stuck to the pan a bit and the icing was a tad runny (I think because I used Mum’s Soya spread) but it wasn’t too bad. At least I know what (not) to do next week…



  1. It's horrible when you're all virtuous and then have to do everything over again. Hope your day got better after that.

  2. Its such a shame , when all the best laid plans go wrong, but the cake does look pretty good, I'm sure S will love it and have a great time with his friends.

  3. You know what children do not mind what the cake looks like at all. I have a little terror that changes the oven temp all the time too. I am a terrible mother, not once have either of the children had a homemade cake and I love baking!!

  4. Ahhh what a lovely cake!! Mr Tumble is on just now at ours! Hope S has a lovely birthday! It's sooo scary how quickly they grow up!!

  5. Oh no. Cakes are hard enough without the little people "helping". Glad there was a happy ending :)

  6. Aw, bless you. Your cake looks really fantastic, honestly, so don't take this the wrong way.... are we talking about the same Mr Tumble? That said, I couldn't make a cake resembling Mr Tumble if my life depended on it (I can't think of any circumstances when that actually would be the case - it would be quite bizarre) so I bow down before your culinary prowess x

  7. Mwa - It did thanks, Mum saved the day :)

    L - He did love it thankfully!! Will do better for Sunday

    TMH - You are so right! S always changes the temp, I should have thought to keep checking it!

    LC - Thank you sweetie :)

    K - I know they so want to help but sometimes end up a hindrance! Bless him, he did try :)

    MTJAM - Hehe it is Mr Tumble aka Justin from cbeebies!

  8. Ohhh that cake looks delicious! Clever you for making it and so glad you all had a lovely day in the end.

  9. Mr Tumble and cake, 2 of my favourite things combined! As a new mum I'm still getting to used to the strange world of cbeebies :)

  10. Liz - Thank you :)

    MDM - Oh soon you'll know all the words to the cbeebies songs! Mr Tumble is a big favourite in our house and I would have never heard the end of it if I hadn't made the cake!




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