Monday, 12 September 2011

Birthday Preparations

Birthday arrangements always start early in our house. The party, the family gathering and most importantly (to the kids anyway!), the presents! Little S has been talking about his 6th birthday since B’s birthday in August. It’s only 5 weeks away, we know because S has insisted on a countdown. Unfortunately he thinks weeks means days and regularly asks if it’s his birthday.

It’s taken us this long to learn what Little S likes and what’s best to get him for his birthday. I remember buying lots of toys when he was 1 and 2, only for them to go unplayed with because he didn’t like the noises, or he lacked the imagination to play with them. He asks for a lot of things after seeing them on TV or the internet, whether he really wants them or not is another matter. He doesn’t do Ben 10 or Star Wars figures, trains or cars like a lot of boys his age. His real passion is for anything he can build, especially if he can follow the instructions and make things himself. If it has a motor then even better.

So on the list this year is Lego, Knex, Magnetix and Playmobil (not in keeping with the building theme but he still likes it!). We have already found some second hand Lego and Lego books with bricks on offer. We are trying to be really frugal and buy second hand if we can, as well as a few new things. There are Facebook for sale groups popping up all over the place and it’s amazing the stuff people sell. Some of it hardly used and perfectly ok to give as presents.

Part of the preparations also means giving away something the children don’t play with any more. We are extremely lucky that the children have a good choice of toys to play with at home. They have both got really good at clearing out their toys, books, games and puzzles before birthdays and Christmas. I do find it quite sad when they grow out of something they used to love, like with Baby B and In The Night Garden, but they grow up so quickly that it’s inevitable.

S is having a bowling party like last year for his close friends. It will be Tom and Jerry themed again, but the cake has to be Lego! We are also going to Legoland again, as this time S will be old enough to get his 6yr+ driving licence. S is becoming more and more specific with what he wants every year! The hard bit is trying to compromise with him, as what he wants and what he gets are two different things. Maybe there is too much choice out there?


  1. LEGO is a huge hit in my house as is playmobil. I am with you on buying second hand I have no issue with it, but have never seen anything on Facebook, so you will have to enlighten me!

  2. Wow lucky boys to have such birthday treats and presents. Totally agree with you on second-hand lego, etc... there's no reason not to. FYI, a friend of mine puts all the lego pieces she inherits into a pillowcase with a couple of small towels and puts them through the washing machine - if that interests you.




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