Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Accepting the Inevitable

I have decided that I’m not going to blog here any more. My last post was in March, and since then I haven’t had the inclination to blog. It’s hard, because I love The Babbling Mummy, but I think we’ve drifted apart.

Too many real life friends know about it, and I’m not sure I want them to know about the crazy inner me! I don’t know what to talk about. I worry about the children’s privacy and how they’ll feel about my blog when they’re older. I feel like I’m not part of the huge blogging community any more, because I don’t have the time to be part of it, and I feel a bit lost amongst all the brilliant bloggers out there (this is about my insecurities and issues, not anyone else by the way).

I think I might start a new secret blog and stay anonymous. I felt so much better when I was anonymous before and felt I could write freely about whatever I want. So I might pop up again under a different guise.

I will keep the blog open and continue to review at The Babbling Mummy Reviews if we’re lucky enough to still be asked. Reviewing has been a brilliant sideline to blogging. I work with lovely PR’s and my children and friends continue to benefit from the products we get to try. I love donating our old review stuff to charity, the children’s school and friends, and I want to still be able to do that.

So thank you for all the comment love, emails and support over the years. I’m finally in a good place (just about!) and I feel that’s because I’ve been able to share my problems with you and get loads of support in return.

See you soon, love The Babbling Mummy and Daddy. Lady S, Little S and Miss B xxx


  1. The end of an era, but I completely understand. Take care x

  2. I'll miss you but I understand xxx




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